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  • Five everyday Exercises for building Empathy

    Building a sense of empathy among professionals has now become one of the key tasks for people management professionals. This is because there is a substantial empathy gap that has emerged as per data received from marketing research firm Business solver, in a study titled State of Workplace Empathy

  • Scoring under Pressure

    The English football team did extremely well at the last world cup by reaching the semi- finals. Remarkably, its coach Gareth Southgate got the players trained for a penalty shootout, which they won for the first time ever, having exited a few times previously by the tie- breaker method. The world o

  • A Strategist’s Guide to Upskilling

    A lot of jobs that are extremely bound up in routine, end up as the first to get the nod towards automation. This could lead to mass retrenchment of job opportunities, but could also provide scope for further corporate training sessions that will focus on upskilling. The right upskilling measures re

  • Learning is Supposed to feel Uncomfortable

    The typical routine that helps corporate training sessions succeed best is- describe, demonstrate, do. The trainer gets full marks for this execution, yet several employees later feel the pressure when ‘do’ part appears the toughest to execute, as one is forced outside the comfort zone. The act

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