Corporate Training

  • How to Stop Delegating and Start Teaching

    A lot of tasks that academicians need to go through, may simply be outsourced, if one approaches it through the prism of convenience. But this misses the very point of academics, which is to train the next set of talent. Managers who find delivering corporate training a chore, need to get back to th

  • How Departing Leaders can Pass along their Wisdom to Employees

    When long- serving corporate leaders depart, they and their colleagues often want them to pass along as much information as possible to the next generation of employees. Ed Catmull who long held the top- spot at Pixar, served a lesson in how this wisdom can best be passed on. He ensured that on his

  • How Mindfulness can help Engineers Solve Problems

    Engineering grads are expected to solve a number of complex problems. But their studies do not always stress on real- world issues. Creative problem- solving often eludes them. That is where there is the need to build divergent thinking in them. To solve this, several companies have now started mana

  • Making Learning a Part of Everyday Work

    Human beings are a neotenic species, which makes them compelled to keep learning at every stage of life. This behaviour reflects at the workplace as well where beyond the work profile itself, the most important factor determining employee satisfaction, is the learning opportunities provided. To ensu

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