Corporate Training

  • The Challenge of Scaling Soft Skills

    Most working professionals have by now understood that their work will either get replaced by machines or augmented using some sort of human-machine interface. The replacement will be by robots in case of manual work, or by AI in case of cognitive nature of work. The World Economic Forum (WEF) helpe

  • Great Employees want to Learn. Great Managers know how to Teach.

    Irrespective of the job, sector or profile, all employees generally want to work with a senior from whom they can learn something. If this skill set can be built into team leaders, the company will gain a highly positive image in the market. This will make talent recruitment and the subsequent reten

  • Virtual Reality Training: Wal-Mart Leverages VR for Employees

    Virtual Reality (VR) is proving to be one of the biggest aids for organizations in their corporate training programmes. One leading company to recently make substantial use of the same is Walmart where VR was used for simulating real-world problem scenarios such as the Black Friday shopping rush. PC

  • How Johnson & Johnson and American Express are developing Young Leaders

    The next decade will see tens of thousands of Baby Boomers retire every day. This provides a golden opportunity for the millennial generation to stake a claim for corporate leadership. Companies will soon, if not already have plans to bring up the millennials to these top positions. Two companies in

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