Corporate Training

  • To emerge stronger from the COVID- 19 crisis, Companies should start re-skilling their Workforces Now

    There are some crises that force entire companies or even sectors to change the way they work. The present COVID- 19 pandemic is one such that has brought several industries back to the drawing board. Some of the changes made now, should hopefully in the long run, help the way work is carried out. T

  • How to persuade People to change their Behaviour

    Now is possibly the best time to effect any change in behaviour. The current pandemic has forced us to rethink the way we live our lives. While stringent rules may be put in place for some time, eventually the onus lies on the people themselves. Team leaders will need to show the way. The best way t

  • How to help Employees learn new Skills amid a Crisis

    Right now is the time, when companies must encourage and even help their employees to undergo training towards developing news skills. The skills gap is unfortunately on the rise, in spite of years of forewarning. A report from PwC, titled Talent Trends, published in 2019, reported that a staggering

  • Bring Product- thinking to Non- product Teams

    For companies or businesses involved in doing relatively routine tasks, the definition of product and customer come fairly easily. But for others, who may be involved in the services, a non- product category also exists. There is now an urgent need to bring some of the product- thinking concepts to

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