There is much craze in the world now for having smart cities. These are cities where good governance practices are used with the right kind of technology to provide ideal living solutions to the people. Typically, such cities are associated with an inherent wealth, prestige and the presence of high-tech industries. To transform urban environments, for a start, cities must combine the physical asset development with smart planning. The planning cycles will be shorter if investments are flexible and riven by data. Seoul is one city that has made good use of its solutions after thorough analysis of data crunched. An open approach needs to be inculcated to attract the participation of private sector companies. Amsterdam makes perfect use of a private-public partnership to execute its plans. People must be at the centre of all strategizing. Civic bodies must perform the right kind of talent recruitment to have the people and skills in place, a smart city needs. Kigali and Copenhagen bodies have recruited smartly, and then experimented on pilot basis. Cyber security is another area of much deliberation in a digital world with such enormous data warehousing taking place. So, security risks need be addressed right from the outset.


Uploaded Date:10 August 2018

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