India is a country that about a decade back, had a huge proportion of population that was outside the formal banking environment. To rectify this, the concept of Project Aadhar was launched with the purpose of providing unique identification to these millions. This task was allotted to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). This became one of the largest ever exercises in social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship needs to be transformative, and not merely incremental to make things better. To get to the root of this, first of all, one needs to fully comprehend the problem at hand. The entire corporate strategy needs to incorporate a vision for the future. For this, a workable model needs to be put in place. This model need also look into the scalable factor. Nothing will work unless it can be scaled up to reach millions or billions as was the case with the Aadhar Project.


Uploaded Date:07 January 2019

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