Risk Management Solutions (RMS) is the leading platform for risk-insurance modeling. One of the major challenges the company is facing on a regular basis is clients’ reluctance to move away from on-premise software applications to a cloud-based platform. The latter has several advantages that RMS is quick to point out. One of those is the data captured on which business analytics gets performed. This provides authentic insights on not only one’s own business, but in fact the entire ecosystem. This data needs to be operationalized in order for it to be of relevance to the end user. Else, disparate sources of data points will only lead to more confusion. The improvements sought were verified by RMS using precise POVs (Proofs of Value). The design and architecture of any software suite needs to be well-thought out at the earliest. Then, all open-source Big Data points need to be tapped into. The talent required is also not easily available so specific recruitment has to be done to this end.


Uploaded Date:16 March 2018

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