The first ever solar powered flight across the Atlantic has now taken place between New York City and Seville in Spain. The flight was originally intended to land in Paris to mimic Charles Lindberg’s cross-Atlantic flight in 1927, but had to resort to this due to turbulent weather conditions. A solar powered jet is extremely susceptible to turbulent weather conditions, so the team had to wait for the right time and weather conditions for this journey. The team behind this was led by the Swiss duo of Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard. The journey started out in Abu Dhabi but stalled for several months in Hawaii. This journey would not yet be called the most pleasurable of them, yet it raises hope that if properly scaled this could be a business innovation to rival everything. And some day in the future, airplanes could be flown using renewable energy rather than by burning fossil fuels.


Uploaded Date:29/06/2017

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