At the World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul, global leaders outlined a system whereby development assistance must be localized for specific markets. India has emerged as one such strong market aided by the Eco-Green Livelihoods project in the central city of Raipur. India’s development landscape is dotted by en number of groups known as SHGs (Self Help Groups) comprised predominantly of women whose main task is to use microfinance loans for developmental purposes. They often work in close collaboration with NGOs or businesses for imbibing useful new technologies. The latest business innovation to hit the ground running has been mini solar panels fitted at slums or villages. The slum dwellers are provided training on how to build and then maintain them. This has allowed those outside the formal electricity grid to access solar energy for their needs. This is an environmentally sustainable initiative. The Raipur success could provide the spur for future action for building mini-grids of solar panels across the country.


Uploaded Date:01/07/2017

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