When things go wrong, service-oriented companies tend to start with apologies. This is the first rule, but sometimes it can even backfire. A study conducted by a team from Case Western Reserve found more than a hundred recorded videos from US and UK airports to assess troubleshooting incidents. The customer reps trying to solve the issue were broadly divided into “relational” and “problem-solving”. The former were being empathetic and trying to develop some personal relations, with the latter trying to find solutions. The latter seem to be more effective, as in the case of relational reps, customers tend to get angrier at the lack of solutions afforded. So, companies are increasingly altering their talent recruitment patterns to employ “controller” type reps who are outspoken and command the situation. This study has found much popularity among restaurant, travel and hotel based companies as they are all service-oriented and grappling with disparate logistical conditions that can often go wrong.


Uploaded Date:09 January 2018

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