Perhaps a bit surprising, tourist spending, especially in the luxury section has actually gone up in Europe in spite of the terrorist attack in Barcelona. Two years back, when something similar happened in Paris, it took a while for the tourism industry to rebound. As per business intelligence provided by Global Blue, total luxury spending in Europe has gone up by eleven percent this financial year, while in Spain the figure is up by eighteen percent over the last nine months. Visitor spending on luxury item has uniformly gone up for every major region, barring the Middle East as the source that has seen a thirteen percent dip. Chinese tourists as usual led with more than a fourth of the total spend. The biggest rise in spending has been recorded by Russian tourists while even American citizens’ spending patterns have gone up reflecting the favourable Dollar-Euro conversion, Italy, France, Germany and UK attract about six-sevenths of total tourist inflows.


Uploaded Date:24 November 2017

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