Tourism in many ways forms the backbone of the Spanish economy. Taken as a whole, it is responsible for about a night of the national income. Tourism jobs make up fifteen percent of direct and a fourth of all indirect jobs in the country. To cite an example, tourism is to the Canary Islands,what oil is to Kuwait, resulting in two-fifths of total employment. However, the tourism model as followed in Spain is creaking and needs a drastic reorganization. This is because the model is based around values from the 1970s on sun and sand which encouraged mass, low-value tourism along the beaches. This led to overcrowding, environmental degradation, permanent feeling of seasonality of jobs and price- rise in housing. The significant economic benefits of tourism have only benefited some private parties. A collective agreement needs to be sorted to comprehensively cover different stakeholders in this industry. The objectives of the Spanish tourism industry too, needs to evolve simultaneously. A sustainable model needs to be brought in place to replace the existing Sol Y Playa model.


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