When a person is new at a job, initially he/she has a lot of questions to ask and a lot of new to learn. Eventually, the pattern settles in and establishes into a groove. But dangerously, this groove can often transform into a rut where all creativity escapes the system. It can typically set in when a recurring pattern gets established at work, obstacles can be observed at all times or when a lack of self-importance sets in. It can also happen when there is a need to conform with the crowd or any idea is rejected simply because it failed earlier under a different avatar. At such instances, certain techniques are known to be helpful to escape this rut. One of them is to think something new. Instead of fearing obstacles, they must be embraced as the best of business innovations occur when the need arises to change. One must seek out intersections between various departments as it is at such points that the best of creative juices emerge out. And in today’s sharing economy, it is always a good idea to not let information rot in silos, but to share the data available.


Uploaded Date:07/07/2017

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