Providing unforgettable customer experiences involves a lot of serendipity. The initial stimulus leads to the building of awareness of such possibilities. Then moments of truth need to be identified and cultivated upon. This phase leads to social discovery as the idea is circulated among several key people involved. Customers require a seamless multi-channel experience. In order to be at the right place and time to leverage such moments of truth, the management must understand the desired brand promise as opposed to the customer experience. Business intelligence must be gauged via formal or informal interactions on the kind of things customers really care. Any distress or frustrations they are facing need to be tackled immediately. Experiences of other stakeholders beyond customers must also be tracked. This can be through various methods such as simply calling up the right people or engage in a short chit-chat with the front office. The speed of customer onboarding must also be tested as this reflects on the efficiency of operations. Another such is the ease and pace in redemption of loyalty points earned. Post this moment of truth comes the stage where the customers are stimulated with their first consideration to buy the product. Then next stage of analysis comes through the feedback of the first use experience. The final call may be taken once the results of the community’s shared experience are out.


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