A Saudi Arabian company ALJ is connected to the disparate articles of empirical philanthropy, electric vehicles, Nobel Prizes and some business innovation concerning with renewable energy. This company owes its origin to few generations back when a gas station was started in the city of Jeddah, back in the year 1945. Amazon is also running an innovative venture with Rivian Electricals, which is majorly funded by ALJ, named after its founder- Andul Latif Jameel. A lot of the learning came from a stint the founder had in Japan back in the 1960s, a time when this country was at the forefront of innovation. A water treatment and desalination plant was a major project the company ALJ completed recently in 2016. The company still takes pride in the cultural and professional exposure youngsters are accorded right from the outset, that forms their worldview.


Uploaded Date:29 January 2020

As much as one denies, or speaks about the unintentional nature, it is true that most tech startups that have flourished, were started by middle and upper- class white males. As per a study, 77% of the tech startup founders were white, while 90% are males. In case, one is not from this class though, there is no need to despair, yet. This is because of some advice that has come up. The first one of them is not to be too cautions, or be afraid to fail. For business innovations to see the light of day, risks need to occasionally be undertaken. The right investors somehow need to be attracted to the cause. For an entrepreneur, in the early days, talent recruitment is going to be a challenge. So, the “Army of One” mentality has to be gauged. Instead if the traditional business plan, one might as well opt for a pitch deck. Investors can ultimately be best brought on board, only when they are shown tangible proof on the upcoming incomes.


Uploaded Date:18 October 2019

The survival records of startups in the USA are abysmally low. A quarter don’t last beyond a year, while five can’t go past year five. How entrepreneurs deal with such situations is a matter of individual choice, though a lot also depends on the relations the partners have amongst themselves. Business research conducted by professors from Wharton and London analyzed data from sixty- six startups to analyze the role friendships play during such decision- making. The researchers believe that behaviours and emotions are very important to be studied. There is the significant moderating impact of friendships that stop the escalation of tensions beyond a certain accepted level. A lot of cases also see the business on the verge of collapsing, but continuing for one more go, only to keep up the friendship intact. Sometimes, this works too. The research clearly proved that friendship among the partners increases the chances of success and business viability.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2019

Among the list of the world’s leading companies as compiled by the S&P 500 Index, one finds a much younger company profile today. In the 1950s, the average company age was sixty, but now barely twenty. This has happened as a result of several startups having taken over this space. Much can be learnt from the employees at these startups. For a start, companies must start adapting to the environment, before they truly start competing. To apply this, one can begin by writing a pitch deck for oneself. Companies also need to keep track of external competition. Setting up Google Alerts to monitor others’ performance is one such way, or one may even hire an external management consulting firm to do the bidding. Whatever it is one must never deviate much from the original company mission as postulated on the corporate strategy document. All company policies need to be framed while keeping the customers on top of the priority list. A good way of tracking customer insights is to get hold of a happy and a disgruntled customer, and gauge their views on their reasons. The team leadership must think of themselves as pilots and not mere passengers. So, they must drive the operations, but from a strategic perspective.


Uploaded Date:03 July 2019

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