Among the list of the world’s leading companies as compiled by the S&P 500 Index, one finds a much younger company profile today. In the 1950s, the average company age was sixty, but now barely twenty. This has happened as a result of several startups having taken over this space. Much can be learnt from the employees at these startups. For a start, companies must start adapting to the environment, before they truly start competing. To apply this, one can begin by writing a pitch deck for oneself. Companies also need to keep track of external competition. Setting up Google Alerts to monitor others’ performance is one such way, or one may even hire an external management consulting firm to do the bidding. Whatever it is one must never deviate much from the original company mission as postulated on the corporate strategy document. All company policies need to be framed while keeping the customers on top of the priority list. A good way of tracking customer insights is to get hold of a happy and a disgruntled customer, and gauge their views on their reasons. The team leadership must think of themselves as pilots and not mere passengers. So, they must drive the operations, but from a strategic perspective.


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