A tourism consulting report has been prepared by Skift on the state of international tourism competition under six parameters. In terms of quality of tourism infrastructure, Austria takes the top spot followed by Spain, USA, Portugal and Croatia. Under aviation infrastructure, it is Canada that finds itself on top followed by USA, UAE, Australia and Hong Kong. The perception towards international openness charts visa requirements and agreements in regional trade or bilateral aviation. Here it is Singapore on top, followed closely by Australia, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand. Visa policies are generally more liberal now than they were back in 2015. More than eighty five percent of countries have a more liberal visa policy while more than half of them have fewer non-tariff barriers as per the World Economic Forum’s business research titled “Executive Opinion Survey”. Environmental concerns have worsened in all the major markets as well as for the world average. The final chart confirms that the better the perception on any country’s environment, higher are the tourist arrivals.


Uploaded Date: 13th May 2017

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