A clear evidence of gender equality is visible in the statistics quoted recently by INSEAD that says that majority of the professionals these days have a full-time working partner, with the proportion increasing further for the millennial generation. However, the talent management practices followed at most firms have not evolved likewise over the years. These companies have been treating dual-careerism has a zero-sum game. Their insistence on senior leaders switching roles every three years for instance, plays mockery with the concept of equal partners. The internet has enabled a large number of talent and ambitious professionals to work around flexible hours. Yet, their bosses are people who rose up through times which did not have these luxuries, so they insist upon the older ways. That is why Assistant Professor at INSEAD, Jennifer Petriglieri suggests the International Dual Career Programme which helps such couples to get their skills matched, helping at times of one partner relocating.


Uploaded Date: 30 May 2018

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