A common fallacy of management thinkers or planners is that corporate strategy is a thing in itself and its execution is unrelated. However, experiences of various companies have repeatedly proved that a simple “Where to Play” strategy when divorced from “How to Win” does not work out. Examples abound such as Uber’s in China, or Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia. In the former case, Uber seized market share in every country due to its innovative approach being the first to market. In China however, Didi Chuxing was already present so this strategy backfired and no other localized tactic was drawn up. In Microsoft’s case, its strong corporate relationships failed to translate to its expected upwards trajectory in smartphones. A lot of cross-country failures have been observed especially between USA and Canada. Brands such as Tim Hortons have failed to light up the American market while American brands like Target are struggling in Canada. Thus a matched pair between strategy and execution is necessary to complete the Strategy Choice Cascade Method.


Uploaded Date: 13th May 2017

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