There is much frustration to be handled by academicians during the corporate strategy classes at business schools. This is because there is a perception difference between what is taught and what students feel would lead them to solve strategic problems. While they do absorb the tools mandatory during the classes, the general feeling is that it is often a moment of intuitive spark that’ll provide the innovation needed to succeed at the strategy level. The traditional tools still do have a place, as they can be used to gauge contrast. To begin one needs to identify the assumptions that underlie conventional thinking at the organization. One needs to then assess which of these could be tweaked to lead to maximum gain. The strategist needs to disturb certain parts of the process to beak up the ingrained assumptions. Traditionally disparate products and services can then be married together. Liabilities or limitations may then be turned into opportunities. Far- flung industries can then even solve pressing concerns. Design solutions are increasingly being tapped into as evidenced by the case of IDEO moving into business consulting.


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