While Africa unfortunately suffers from a lot of negative publicity, there is much good news for the continent to be proud of and start pulling in the numbers in terms of inbound tourism. Far from the famines, poverty, epidemics and violence, there is an Africa south of the Sahara that is the fastest-growing region in wellness tourism. As per business intelligence provided by the Global Wellness Institute, there has been a ninety percent rise in tourist number in the span of just a single year. This is a far cry from 2007 when a mere fourteen sub-Saharan countries had even a single spa. The progress has been especially stark in Gabon and Gambia. Aman Resorts for example has tied up with the government of Gabon to develop wellness tourism. Gambia’s Bijilo Beach is home to the Coco Ocean Resort and Spa. The likes of Kenya, Namibia, Senegal, Ghana, Seychelles, Mauritius and Tanzania have also made steady progress.


Uploaded Date:03 March 2018

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