While each professional may have a detailed job description attached post the recruitment, in the present day, performing that alone may not be sufficient. It may enable staying at the job, but to rise higher up in the hierarchy one needs to take initiative and keep learning on the job to outperform competition. This may be termed as the “hidden curriculum of work”. This is all the more important because bosses appraise the work of their team members not based on a formal JD, but on their assessment of what the job holds. In order to do this, the employee must dig deeper to look beyond the narrow JD. One must understand what best describes his/her role the best, tasks that take up most of the time and obstacles preventing one from performing to optimum level. Beyond being confined to one’s own organization, the truly enterprising employee must look elsewhere for further inspiration. Business intelligence must be gauged from competitors or even other industries which could be feasibly implemented at the employer’s. Whatever work one does, it needs to be aligned with the bigger picture. This requires close collaboration with stakeholders to match up to constantly shifting challenges or priorities.


Uploaded Date:23 February 2018

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