Due to the ongoing global economic slowdown, added to the uncertain political environment, business travel is feeling the heat. A study was recently concluded by Air Plus International, which is in to tourism consulting. More than four- hundred business leaders from Asia, Europe and the USA, were surveyed as part of this study. Among the global communities, it is Italians, who are the most circumspect of the present political condition. Ninety- three percent of them feel that their businesses will suffer amidst the crisis, with the French and Chinese not lagging far behind and eighty- five and eighty- three percent respectively. Companies from Germany are less skeptical with only forty- two percent of such pessimistic view. The more serious impact is that of terrorist attacks, whenever they occur. To cite an especially acute crisis, the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul saw business travel reduce by about two-thirds after the attacks in June, 2016.


Uploaded Date:27 February 2020

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