Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne were the original creators of the blue ocean strategy, so have now penned down a book titled Blue Ocean Shift. This book has already been dubbed by the Apple i-Books as the best in the month within the business book section. Here they talk about the importance of nondisruptive creation being as much as the disruptive types. For this kind of non-disruptive business innovation two things are needed, starting with a proper roadmap. This needs to underline that instead of competing, one wants to shift to creation. Next, up the right people are needed, so talent recruitment has to be undergone likewise. An example has been mentioned in the book of a hotel chain which shifted towards a healthier lifestyle by using very less oil, but still managing to conjure up some French fries. Non- disruptive creation also refers to a kind of innovation where no existing businesses went out of work, but simply newer ones were created. Life coaching is one such prudent example, being the second fastest growing profession in the USA.


Uploaded Date:03 December 2018

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