Unfortunately, a lot of business leaders have a binary manner of thinking. They oversimplify matters, to choose one over the other. An overreliance on any particular solution invariably leads to the genesis of others. Due to the disruptive nature of modern business environments, leaders need to widen, lengthen and deepen their thinking. Widening involves taking a broader perspective, ideal for corporate strategy formulation. Lengthening is about thinking through a problem till the end, and not just the near-end solution. Deepening is perhaps the hardest, as it involves the ability to change one’s own blind spots and assumptions. Three core practices must be adopted to ensure such perspectives can be adopted. First of all, one must keep challenging one’s widely held convictions to test the truth over time. Each day must be begun with the most challenging task on hand. Inner feelings are really important, so one needs to gauge One must track when they enter fight-or-flight modes. It helps in navigating through negative emotions.


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