Like every other aspect of business, human resource management too is facing the consequences of digitization. On the one hand, HR is trying hard to integrate digital applications to its processes, but on the other a lot of such suites leave a lot to be desired. HR professionals get stumped by some such solutions, leading to a tarnishing of image away from its actual role as a business enabler. HR needs to follow some basic principles in order to utilize digitization for talent management which itself is a combination of recruitment, development and retention.  HR leaders must think holistically for the benefit of the business and not for the department to shine out. A lot of digital solutions promise simplicity, yet they end up complicating the processes further. So HR staff must not get dazzled by the new technology alone but look at its applicability. The ultimate litmus test is the employee experience that needs to get enhanced. For this to work, the baseline people processes must work properly. A resilient talent system must be built and further nurtured on. The employees’ experience needs to be understood, managed and further improved.


Uploaded Date:05/07/2017

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