A lot of companies and recruiters have become skeptical about their own abilities in talent recruitment. As a result, beyond the usual interviews and resume screening, job auditions have become the new norm. For a lot of employees, especially experienced professionals, this is not welcome as they see it as a new form of exploitation. However, since it has become a norm, so not much can be done about it except to accept it. Job auditions are alright in a few circumstances that the candidate must appreciate. First of all, it is okay when the number of hours to be devoted to such unpaid work is minimal, say two hours. Another matter to introspect is whether it is a dummy project one is working on or a real one. If it is the former, one might as well accept, but the latter needs financial reimbursement. A candidate can even negotiate to be paid for the duration of the audition. Another factor to consider is the learning part. If that is high, one might as well go along.


Uploaded Date:13 September 2018

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