Like in every other field, even human resources and talent management are getting transformed by various modern day technologies. These transformational technologies may broadly be divided into five broad categories. The first one of them is virtual interactions which are now possible due to mobile phones and video conferencing. This has reduced the talent gap as recruitment can now be sourced from across national boundaries. Analytics, artificial intelligence and big data have all empowered the decision making process. It is less about gut, more about gaining genuine business insights. Real time feedback can be gleaned from employee engagement programmes to measure the success. Mundane HR applications such as payroll, attendance and scheduling can now be handled easily using automated tools. Employees can now connect to a wider audience using social tools such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Organizations can manage contacts with various stakeholder groups such as job aspirants, alumni and employees. Employer branding can be done via blogs or podcasts. Candidates may be reached out to using job portals and professional networks. The final piece in this portfolio is wearables. Employee stress such as health, spiritual, emotional and financial insights can be gauged using such tools. Fitbits can help monitor vital signs so that the company can understand areas where they require assistance.


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