The general assumption in the corporate world, is that all want to rise higher up in it. So, promotions are seen as the ultimate carrot. Yet, there are cases, where employees do not want the said promotion. This could be because they are the primary caretakers at home, so wish to spend more time there. Another person could be creative, so may want to focus on the individual contributor skills, rather than broaden one’s horizon by taking on more responsibilities. Thus, situations arise when individuals need to confront their bosses by telling them that they do not want the promotion. For this, one needs to start off by thanking their bosses for their contributions. Next up, he/ she needs to explain why their current position suits the organization the most, as business innovations get generated from that position. This must not impinge on one’s growth, within the profile, but merely not wanting to take up additional responsibilities. Whatever the case, one must avoid getting a promotion, which will ultimately harm one’s career.


Uploaded Date:20 February 2019

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