Effectiveness or performing the right tasks has long been acclaimed as the key ingredient to success implementation of business innovations. The efficiency of innovation or getting the tasks performed properly, has until now been relatively ignored but now getting more importance. This is because innovation is no longer a rare occurrence, but a constant process, so consistency in repeatability is now a matter of concern. For this, the organization must ensure that the process gets optimized across multiple geographies, timelines and stakeholder groups. A portfolio needs to be designed that will cater to the diverse needs of all such businesses. Before setting out at implementation, the firm must also ensure that the right metrics are used to measure. This will ensure that the business analytics operations are performed on the right set of data. Innovation can never work if people are stifled at their creativity. So, an open system with limited silos needs to be curated at the office space.


Uploaded Date:19 January 2018

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