As remote working has gained much traction in the ongoing pandemic- induced lockdowns, employees worldwide are grappling with the new norms. It is quite natural for people to forget about the time spans as the conventional routine and body- clock have been rather flouted. Time signals though must still be incorporated in to the daily lives of remote workers, though some specific tips need to be followed. For a start, output needs to be ascertained greater importance, rather than the time devoted. Time needs to be explicitly discussed with the team and other key stakeholders. Employees’ boundaries need also be respected, so that remote work is not round- the- clock. Likewise, one’s own boundaries must also be signalled wherever necessary. Beyond standard work hours, one must avoid sending communications. Language too needs a rethink, so that rapidity may be maintained. Meetings need to be scheduled keeping in mind the sensitivity of the situation. Non- urgent interruptions too must be minimized. The talent management professions must curate some “collaboration hours”, where those working together, can informally come together.


Uploaded Date:13 May 2020

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