Retail has changed enormously over the years thanks to the influence of technology. Augmented Reality (AR) for example is helping customers to try out clothes virtually, while business insightson user preferences are now being gleaned out through the realms of data available using AI. In spite of this, instead of improving, customer experiences are actually going worse. Companies are touting their innovations, but unable to use them meaningfully to enhance customer experience. PwC recently conducted marketing research to understand this transformation. Shockingly, a handsome majority of three-fourths respondents claimed they needed more human touch. About two-thirds of those surveyed feel that positive customer experience can have ripple-off impacts much stronger than advertising can. To bridge this gap, companies must start by creating a community of commerce, inter-dependent. The work culture within the firm must be one that empowers employees. Talent recruitment must be done in a manner so that those in, must be able to gauge insights from the available data.


Uploaded Date:04 July 2018

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