Root Capital is a start-up that works on capacity building at food and agricultural organizations across the world. They required managerial knowhow to expand and scale up their business. So they leveraged Bain & Company’s latest initiative to do Pro-Bono business consulting for enterprises that are doing good work for the public. A lot of the problems that social sector enterprises face such as sustainability, impact and scale and similar to those faced by conventional corporates. The use of data-driven business analytics is used to crunch information and provide relevant insights. Bain chooses initiatives that are most innovative, sustainable, inclusive and targeted towards improving lives of the underserved. Besides Root, Acumen and Accion are two other such firms selected. A key differentiating factor between these and conventional ones is the view on results. While corporates define so by a relatively narrow set of financial indicators, the social sector demands more holistic a development. Another point of difference is that corporates are less dependent on individual names while these startups are often defined by their founders’ philosophy. Social sector firms also need to expand their investment on attracting and retaining the best of talent.


Uploaded Date:14 July 2017

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