Portugal has been amongst the biggest beneficiaries of the international tourism circuit this decade. From a mere 6.8 million foreign visitors to start with back in 2010, to an 18.2 million recorded in 2016, the country saw an unprecedented 168% rise in just a few years. Indicative figures suggest similar growth the last two years as well. Only Japan has seen greater growth this decade in tourism. This has been great for the economy with the generation of numerous tourism jobs, however there has been a flipside. This unchecked growth has led to resentment among locals for rise in prices, overcrowding, erosion of culture and excess noise-related pollution. One of the worst offenders in this case has been the cruise industry where few incomes are shared with the docking points, but a lot of pollution generated. Cities across Europe have risen as a voice against such rampant tourism. This includes the likes of Dubrovnik, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Mallorca, but most notably Venice. To ward off such movements, the ministry has suggested adding newer destinations to the tourist bucket list and encouraging off-season travel. Some newer destinations have been identified away from the usual Lisbon and Porto. This includes notably- Coimbra, Alentejo, Olhao, Camporta and Serra de Estrela.


Uploaded Date:26 September 2018

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