Higher education as it was, is on the decline. A lot of that has been self- effected. The MBA in particular and the business schools imparting these courses, have come under particular fire. The lure of business degrees and applications to graduate school admissions are well on decline. This is true for Harvard, Wharton and Stamford. The percentage of employees at leading firms with business degrees has also gone down. Instead a graduate with a master’s in data or business analytics is far more likely to curry favor during the recruitment phase. Business degree holders are also a comparative rarity now at the CEO level. People end up going to the top schools nonetheless to boost up their credibility, prestige and to confirm to the existing cognitive biases. Apprenticeships, startup accelerators and business practicums have come into vogue now. Mentorship and the so- called ‘strike force’ model are gaining popularity among budding entrepreneurs.


Uploaded Date: 26/03/2019

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