The travel and tourism sector has of course been amongst those worst affected by the ongoing pandemic and the resultant lockdowns. Inter- country travel has been completely restricted including within Europe, once amongst the most accessible of zones. But some countries are devising means to somehow ride the storm and emerge with a sense of positivity. While continent- wide travel is not possible, some countries are considering travel bubble. Some have even implemented them, such as the Baltic states comprising of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Summer travel remains critical, as this is the period that sees maximum tourism within the continent, as a result of which scores of travel jobs are dependent on it. Some other groups of countries with similar epidemiological responses have gone ahead with such travel bubbles. This includes The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia as one group and Greece, Israel and Cyprus as another. China too is keen on establishing a travel corridor with neighbours Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong.


Uploaded Date:04 August 2020

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