Being a ‘green tourist’ does not necessarily imply, camping out in the woods. Through simple measures, we can all become green tourists. Eco-tourism is developing in a very big way. Hotels and restaurants have also joined in by taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, or offset their emissions through restorative steps. While packing, tourists must similarly take care to make reuse of existing material. One can pack toiletries or use from dispensable cartons rather than using hotels’ pre-packaged ones, which need to be disposed-off, after barely a handful of uses. Carbon emissions may be offset by contributing towards funds such as Native Energy, Terra Pass and the Conservation Fund. Hotels and restaurants are increasingly buying local to reduce their carbon footprints. Water and electricity need to be saved as far as possible. Instead of using taxis, one ought to use public transport, cycle or even walk. Eco-friendly tour operators and tourism consulting agencies such as the Hawaii Ecotourism Association ought to be roped in. Voluntourism can help give back to the environment, a lot taken. One must respect the reefs. The motto “take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints” needs to be adhered by all means.


Uploaded Date:27 September 2018

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