A study conducted recently across more than a hundred countries involving thirty-five thousand plus professionals, paints a sorry picture on the focus levels of most. About three-fourths of leaders feel distracted most of the time or at least some time. About two-thirds surveyed, feel their minds are cluttered. As a result, most of them feel they are unable to complete tasks on time. Reasons for their distraction could be demands of other people as is usually the case with most, competing priorities, great workload or general distractions. In order to improve one’s focus, one must understand own daily patterns. As per a report submitted, majority of people tend to have highest focus levels early in the morning, lowest during the middle and relative in the middle towards the end of the day. While this is true for most, there will be individual differences, so people must understand what factors influence their concentration levels. A study was conducted by a professor from The University of California in San Francisco to understand this. An interesting piece of business intelligence arising out of this study was that negative emotions generally bring down focus levels while positive ones improve. Focus is not a one-time thing, as specific training can be provided to improve the same.


Uploaded Date:18 January 2018

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