The newest generation is often known as the Generation Z, in order to distinguish them from the millennials, baby boomers and Gen X- ers. The term True Gen is also applied to the Z- ers. They are distinctly unique from their previous generation in a number of matters. Companies and brands needs to understand these subtle or obvious differences while marketing to them. First of all, the Generation Z loves to be dubbed as undefined. They do not want a single identity for them, rather celebrate individual expression and uniqueness. They may also be dubbed as communaholic, due to their radically inclusive values. They are also dialoguers, as they rely more on meaningful dialogue, less on confrontations. They are also realistic, so see living through a pragmatic lens. As per a study by management consulting industry leader McKinsey, the Generation Z is more open to same- gender marriage and for decriminalizing marijuana. Ethics too form a key part of their existence.


Uploaded Date:20 July 2019

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