The traditional means of talent recruitment often fall short when it comes to attracting the knowledge stars. The latter are those who are often quirky, full of innovative ideas. Such people are difficult to pin down within the narrow set of keywords, but are necessary for any company to grow. Their knowledge and out- of- the- box thinking is also not easily replicable or quantifiable. One method could be not to use minimum qualifications, or not loading the job application ad with too many keywords. Offering of the least possible salary may also deter such mavericks. Companies must step up their efforts at identifying where in the chain, do such knowledge stars have their greatest impact. Social media may be a good area to gauge the presence of such stars. Cisco for instance has done very well recruiting them from offbeat locales. Decentralizing of decision- making has to be brought about to allow this to happen.


Uploaded Date:11 September 2019

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