One company that has truly been able to engage its customers, turning them in to a community, is Lego. The company was for long one of the leaders in its area, but struggled in the toy market in the 2000s once the internet and video games arrived. But the last decade has seen the company replace Mattel as the leading toy makers, as they made use of the business intelligence gathered from within its own fan community. Marketers have lesser control over the feedback mechanism now, thanks to the presence of web pages and handles such as Twitch, Instant Pot or Sneaker- heads. The lessons to consider from the Lego case are aplenty, but most critical should be the willingness to trust one’s customers. Another is to start with the “who”, instead of the “what”. A sustained collaboration ought to be worked on, rather than a mere short- term investment.


Uploaded Date:21 February 2020

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