A number of companies suffer from the onslaught of excessively well- drafted language that fails to tick the reality boxes. Boards draft the perfect corporate strategy document, but the execution fails. Instead o using the excess jargon, team leaders must instead focus on empowering their team members. This is a very good ploy towards the right talent management, as the employees feel motivated, so the resources may be rightly allocated. This flexibility lets the people seize the opportunities that present themselves. American Airlines for instance has suffered form this use of jargon, as opposed to Southwest Airlines, which gives crisp, clear and unambiguous communication to all stakeholders. The objectives need to be limited to a few only. Midterm results can’t be ignored. Focus has to be on the future. The hard decisions need to be made periodically. The critical vulnerabilities present need to be worked on. The right guidance has to be provided when needed. The top management needs to be in sync with how the execution is actually taking place.


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