As success in the modern workplace is often measured by how high one can reach in the hierarchy, becoming a CEO remains the dream for most. So, employees whenever they see their paths to the top blocked, often switch jobs or even set up their own startups. Such activities often lead to success, but very often once it is achieved, sheer stress takes a toll. Many end- up wondering whether all the toil was worth the effort. United Airlines and Tesla have seen their CEOs suffer major health issues, but companies rarely admit to stress, as it would affect the brand’s talent management credentials in front of potential newer hires. To get past this issue, CEOs need to reserve some time to thinking. Leadership and communication processes need to be constantly upgraded. CEOs also need to work on their inner confidence levels. Management training exercises must be frequently undertaken by the CEOs, making use of external coaches. These leaders must also periodically test for random organizational reality. A balanced attitude towards life must be maintained.


Uploaded Date:16 May 2019

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