Some companies are much better than others at consistently churning out innovations. No particular formula exists for this successful rate of implementation, but some disciplines sure need to be followed. The likes of GSK, Whirlpool, Ford, Amazon, Apple, Spotify, Tencent, Corning, IBM, Google, Tesla and Netflix. The first such identified discipline is that they are forever hungry for more success. They have clearly etched out a corporate strategy, so plan everything around their well-defined targets. They have a perpetually on radar, suing which they eke out information at all times. Their sources of data are spread far and wide. For their growth, they rely on both the organic as well as inorganic methods. Design thinking is a key aspect of their growth strategy. They believe in constant experimentation. To achieve their set targets, they do not mind making use of reinforcements and enablers. Their investments in new, innovative aspects are well-thought out and spur-of-the-moment decisions. The execution is rock solid. Innovation is not a one-time eureka moment, but a process delivering a constant conveyor belt. Whatever they set out to do, they make sure to have the right partners, sponsors and leaders on board.


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