There are several techniques concerned with supporting employees’ families that the U.S. military can teach civilian organizations. Of course the budgets may get different and so would the context. But few organizations would be facing such working-parent problems as the US or for that any military. Some specific methods have been sourced which if followed can help other organizations learn from the US military in this matter of talent management. Military life and training is highly regimented and punctuality is paid a premium. Similarly, such discipline in predictability helps maintain life’s rhythms when confronted with multiple challenges as working parents face. The work routines must similarly be kept as consistent as possible. Any organization must step up efforts to actually make people use the services they are offering. Very often opportunities available are not used up due to lack of knowledge or advertisement. Working parents often seek solace in one another as they share similar challenges. In such cases, it is advisable for the company itself to connect them together. Military personnel’s families get attuned to their long absences through physical reminders. This may be adopted in other walks of life through family photos, favourite toys or music enjoyed together. Corporations should stop doing the talking and instead act. Tasks such as play together or reading out can help foster better family relations within working couples.


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