It is by now generally recognized that diversity in workforce fosters an ideal condition for the churning of business innovations. However, diversity does not only mean the natural ones but also acquired stuff. The former would include ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation while the latter implies diversity in experiences. Thus, organizations must recruit personnel from different sectors, rival firms or those from a non-typical domain. It is important that while developing a genuinely functioning team, a common purpose needs to be established. The skills of the team members must complement one another. For specific domains, there must be uniformity in leadership as otherwise there will be chaos. Also, in such cases the leader will bring due expertise of his/her experience in the subject matter. The entire team’s performance must be measured mutually, as it will foster collaboration. It will lead to accountability towards work. Before meetings at management consulting giant PwC, team members are expected to outline in case they have any personal issues for which they may get distracted earlier. This mutual trust allows the team to work as one.


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