It is an unfortunate reality for most companies that over a period of time they will be losing their employees to competitors. It is overall a zero sum game as those same companies would themselves be poaching from their direct rivals. But the loss becomes a greater concern when it is the most innovative of employees who are lost to competitors. To bridge this gap, companies shore up their talent management and retention practices. However, a recent study puts this theory to bed. In fact, it suggests that the periodic churn of employees between competitors can be beneficial to all. This is because the outgoing employees act as bridges between their present work stations and their past. Several business research and development collaborations are also facilitated in this way. Strategic alliances can be worked out, beneficial to both the parties. Otherwise, finding a suitable partner for such research collaboration is often a painstaking task, now eased by the presence of a common contact.


Uploaded Date:29 July 2019

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