The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) conjures up a certain vision reminiscent of science fiction movies. But its real impact at present is much more understated. Enterprise Cognitive Computing (ECC) is now proving to be an essential bit in the area of robotics and automation. It is utilized to use AI for enhancing business operations. It helps in getting formulaic and routine tasks done. For ECC to be successful, large quantities and clean content of data warehousing needs to be done. ECC has the ability to sieve through humongous quantities of data to bring out the useful business insights. A study conducted in 2017 confirmed, that more than three- fifths of industry representatives, want to the adoption of ECC applications within five years. But by now, few have walked the talk. ECC can also help a lot with research and development, especially in the pharmaceutical space.


Uploaded Date:24 June 2019

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