Feedback is often considered a modern workplace ritual whereas in truth it is as old as life itself. That is why the words organization and organism share the common root. Feedback mechanism often go really bad at companies due to the intrinsic pressure created. This happens to both the feedback provider and the receiver. Mock negotiations are a very good method to procure business intelligence on the human aspects within any organization. This is the kind of feedback which should spurt action. A culture of ‘brittle smiles’, as psychologists put it to refer to organizations which practice a ‘culture of niceness’. Such places do not want to confront with the truth. A scientific and anthropological study has pointed out that human brains are still attuned to threats, which is why feedback often ends up so badly. To go past this, the SCARF model can be something of a solution. It stands for status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness and fairness.


Uploaded Date:03 December 2018

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