The field of people analytics has now gone mainstream. It refers to the use of advanced business analytics on the field of people management. Individual HR processes are eased up using this. Data warehousing remains among the top challenges, as without the right inputs, insights cannot be extracted. It is also a must for mapping the talent value chain. To do this, the first step is always to define what is top priority. Wherever there exist gaps in the data collection, those need to be filled urgently. Post the selection process, on boarding is the next critical step in the right direction. Daily management processes need to be put in place. The behavior and interactions of key stakeholders, especially of employees needs to be mapped out. A lot of the insights that data delivers us, challenges the conventional wisdom understood. Frontline employees typically fall under four different categories. The first are the socializers, who have a high EQ, are spontaneous, and are generally the higher risk- takers. Potential leaders have several of these skills, plus are good at multitasking. The third category are the- entrepreneurial taskmasters. They are good at planning and execution. The fourth ones are the conservative taskmasters. They aren’t risk seekers, nor are they much adept at multitasking.


Uploaded Date:15 June 2019

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