Drones, remote sensors, portable devices and smart meters stream enormous amounts of data enhancing utilities’ productivity. There exist four stages towards a digitally connected workforce. The workforce management systems need to be modernized. This will also help in talent management, as the people will be able to use technology to help in their work. They will be able to access cloud stored data. The four stages are – legacy solutions, standardized operations, optimized scheduling and having a digital field force. There is little to no automation at the legacy stage, with low visibility of field personnel. At the next, certain processes get standardized with help from simple databases and spreadsheets. At most, GPS can help in vehicle tracking. Paperless processes get a start at optimized stage. Portable handheld devices are made use of. Real time business intelligence starts filtering in at the digital phase when the entire work and asset management gets digitized. Augmented reality tools, smart devices and network sensors get added to the system.


Uploaded Date:19 June 2018

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