Unlike Paris where the company is thriving, Uber is facing flak, and even being banned in several other European cities. Barcelona, Budapest, Sofia and Frankfurt are just four of the prominent names. The whole of Denmark and Turkey have done likewise. In London, something to this extent was initiated, but later withdrawn. Even outside Europe, the American transportation giant faces much flak. One such country in Australia, where the Northern Territory has enforced a complete ban on Uber, due to issues surrounding its licensing fee. In China, it is the local giant Didi Chuxing that rules the roost, not allowing for Uber to prosper. Several business innovations have been launched by Uber, the world over to tackle this seemingly declining popularity. One such is the Jump service, introduced in Paris. North America has not remained untouched by these trends. The city if Vancouver in Canada, and most of the state of Oregon, do not allow for the presence of Uber cabs.


Uploaded Date:29 August 2019

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