The CEO of Vianai, which is an AI startup, based in Palo Alto, California, believes that the world is in for several complex permanent changes in the post COVID- 19 world. He speaks about himself sealing a deal with a client in Europe over the phone. This would earlier have required a long cross- Atlantic fuel- guzzling flight. Education is changing with millions of kids studying online via video conferencing mode. The world could see a sense of fragmentation. Though communications should continue prospering, travel and trade could get more localized. The last recession about a decade back gave birth to several ground- breaking companies. This include Apple, Facebook, Uber, Lyft and several Chinese start-ups that leveraged the new technologies to develop lasting business innovations. The current crisis presents an opportunity to others to do likewise. Some companies leverage the situation, while others falter. A key characteristic of the former group is that they improve their existing operations on their areas of strength. Their operations resort to being more agile at such times. Another is that they recognize new opportunities.


Uploaded Date:30 April 2020

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